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New Age Flirting

Why is it that direct-messaging a stranger and asking for their Snapchat username is now seen as an effective and acceptable way to flirt with somebody? 

Forbid that a teenage girl in 2018 actually prefers good-manners, romance and face-to-face interaction over 'sliding into DMs'. Call me old-fashioned as much as you want but there is no way that I'll even attempt to start a relationship with anybody online.

It's no news that my generation is one that is growing up on social media platforms (it's also no news that we are probably the last people who did not own an iPad at age 4 - the best of both worlds?). What's so wrong with being behind the times if that means that I won't reply to the same generic Joey-esque "how you doin'?" message notification, that pops up on my phone in the very early hours of the morning. A message that has so obviously been sent around to just about every other 14-16 year old girl in the local area that the sender can find on Instagram.

Attempting to start a relationship used to be about making someone feel 'special' and making them feel as if you've seen the 'real' them. Lately, I've had a couple of interactions with boys online who have showered me with heart-eyed emojis, 'x's and other meaningless tat and honestly, I don't know how anybody can expect an emotional response from any of that- even if the compliments they are typing are actually nice. Asking for my Snapchat, presumably so they can send me inappropriate snaps, will in not render me speechless with desire nor will it strike me dumbfound with love.

However, so many people are in long lasting relationships (well as long as they can be for mere 15 year olds), which occasionally makes me wonder if us hopeless romantics have had their day and are destined to die alone because we struggle to adapt to this lack of emotion that we are all now expected to find alluring. I must clarify that being a distant Mr Rochester is very different from being lazy teenager who actually only thinks that you're not repulsive, so they might as well pop-up. Of course, just to make sure that they're not putting all of their eggs into one basket.

Fifteen year-olds are far too young for Tinder and other dating apps so I'm by no means pointing the finger of blame. I'm just so confused as to when things shifted and I was supposed to find "what's you snapchat? x" an irresistible opening line...

Social media gives us all the ability to hide behind an online persona. We become outgoing and we do things we wouldn't dream of doing offline: that is when people lose all the things that make them genuine. A lack of sincerity and authenticity means that nothing about their personality and qualities comes across. So no thanks, to new age flirting.

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