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Snow Day

Enveloped in thick duvets, furry throws and woollen blankets to the point where it's impossible to tell where my pyjamas start and socks end. I've consumed approximately 27 digestive biscuits and heaven knows how many cups of tea whilst watching 'The Holiday'. Perhaps one of the most uneventful events of 2018 so far but definitely my favourite.

I wouldn't have thought that whirls of powdery snow could make such a difference to my mood which seems to have stayed unchanged for weeks. Perhaps a (somewhat rare) change of routine is what I need. A day where nothing else matter but hot drinks and snowmen. A perfect excuse for turtlenecks, scarves, eating too much and not doing anything that productive- without guilt.

I think that it's not actually the frozen water at all- it's the rarity of simple childish pleasures amongst the monotonous days that some of us have grown accustomed to. It crossed my mind to wish for at least one snow day a week, but then I remembered that with each one, a little bit of magic would be lost.

I better go, the kettle has finished boiling...

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