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Finding your own style

In an attempt for self-love and improvement, I've decided to embark on a style journey in 2018. I'm equipped with my Pinterest boards, books and blog posts, and I'm as ready as I'll ever be...

My love for fashion kind of diminished and I can only assume it's due to my insecurities ad new found ability to compare myself to just about everyone else on this planet. My once favourite tasks of shopping and picking outfits became my least favourites. I grew out of not only my clothes, but also my style, so I'm left with not a lot of money to fix an expensive problem that I've been ignoring.

Curating my closet
Some people may not see it as such a 'problem' but for me, it feels like I've lost a huge part of myself- the part that made me want to start a blog in the first place. I want to find that side of me again. My focus has been on the things that make me unhappy rather than things that I enjoy which is a huge shame. In order to rectify the situation, I've turned to Anuschka Rees and The Curated Closet. 
If you have yet to read this book, I strongly suggest it to fashion enthusiasts or those of you who feel like your wardrobes are lacking inspiration or doesn't reflect your personality. Anuschka covers many aspects of personal style and gives you guidance along your journey so articulately.

Capsule Wardrobe
In order to jumpstart my new wardrobe, I'm going to initially create a capsule wardrobe using the pieces in my wardrobe that bring me joy. I'm going to take a minimalistic approach to dressing. Minimalism, I find, is slightly misunderstood: minimalism is not just "stripped-down aesthetics", it can be removing all of the non-essential and focusing in on what you love. The term "capsule wardrobe" is thrown around a lot so if you want a more in depth explanation of the benefits and what I'm doing, leave me a comment down below.

Keeping things affordable
I don't know about you but, as 15 year old, mid-GCSE, without a job, I'm broke about 80% of the time so I'm not going to be buying Gucci loafers (as much as I might want them). For me, a wardrobe full of a few, great quality pieces (amongst some cheaper basics) is more affordable than a wardrobe full a cheap pieces that you'll have to replace so often. I prefer to y clothes when I want to go shopping rather than when I need to. I recently spent £70 on a corduroy jacket that  loved to pieces and I've worn it almost everyday since so I'm ecstatic about that investment. Save and buy good quality clothes I adore, instead of buying lots of cheap clothes that I don't love, merely like.

My blog is undoubtedly the best way to document and share my journey so I've decided to do just that. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, here are some of the moodboards I've bee working on.

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