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Am I doing this all wrong?

Recently, since I turned 15, I've been feeling as if I'm doing the whole teenage thing wrong... I decided that with secondary school I was just going to get my head down get the grades I need and stay out of trouble- pretty much just survive it. But as myself and my peers have grown older I've found myself so utterly confused because either they're all going out and  doing the whole social life/party thing or just things I hadn't even thought about doing previously. It sometimes feels like everyone's making drastic changes to their lives for the better like such as going to the gym, eating 'clean' , getting in a relationship , winning competitions or actively working on getting a career, and I know I've got my own things that I do but there's that point you reach where you're just there questioning yourself like: "Am I even doing this right?" just because everyone else is doing it differently.

I've really doubted my 'tactics' recently because I've been comparing myself to other people. And it's unfortunately something most of us do and it ends up twisting our perception of ourselves and our worth. We're all trying to get something different out of life in different circumstances so why are we comparing ourselves to one another? For validation from others?

Do you feel like when you're looking at social media,  or just by word of mouth, everyone else seems like they're having a better time- having more fun or achieving more? Maybe if you did what they were doing or had their approach to things your life would be a little bit better? Newsflash- that's not the case. I said to a friend recently: "I'm a terrible excuse for a girl". What does that even mean? What does a girl do? Anything she damn well pleases is the correct answer,  so if you think for one second that what you think is fun is wrong or what you think is important isn't because not everyone else thinks the same,  don't. There's no point wasting your time on those self-deprecating thoughts. You're doing fine. More than fine, great actually. And that's not to say goals are bad at all because in my opinion they're vital to progression and development. What I'm trying to put across is that there is no wrong way to be a teenager, or just a person in general.


photos by Ella O'Neill

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