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Italy: Summer Travel Diary- where to visit in Milan?

*disclaimer: the intention of the post is not to brag but rather to let you guys know what I've been up to

Shopping, eating and art- all of my favourite things rolled into one week.
If you follow my instagram @frillsnlyrics you'll probably already know I spent last week in Milan with my family. Last academic was crazy for my whole family (my parents teach) and I don't doubt next year will be any less hectic so we all needed a chilled out holiday and going to Milan seemed like a good option. 

 I can't actually believe the amount of pizza and gelato I consumed and I can guarantee the food was my brother's absolute favourite part of the trip (other than a tour of the San Siro obviously...). 

Considering I expected myself to go crazy in Europe's biggest shopping mall and capital of fashion, I'm actually genuinely surprised at how little clothes I bought however I did manage to get a couple of small presents for my close friends. For some reason lately I just haven't really wanted to buy new clothes?? 

As I mention earlier my brother, dad and I had a tour of the San Siro football stadium which was incredibly impressive and amazing for ANY football fans- not just AC Milan and Inter Milan supporters,  as we got to see some football legend's boots,  shirts, cups and even the changing rooms and VIP seats. 

Towards the end of our trip, we also visited Lake Como- which I reckon was my favourite day of all because it really is stunning and very relaxing. I did keep trying to figure out which one was Clooney's villa- I think I ultimately failed though. 

As you may know I love art so I managed to work on my GCSE sketchbook and take LOADS of photos. The architecture is truly stunning- especially in the catherals and castle which are a huge part of the country's history. However, I wasn't allowed in Duomo di Milano because I was wearing shorts... I think that was a little unnecessary and didn't leave me in the greatest mood. 

Did I mention it was hot- VERY hot and humid. Word of advice: don't go to Italy during a heatwave... It sounds nice and all but... don't. 

One of my MANY ice creams... 

Lake Como 

San Siro

Duomo di Milano

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