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Being Original...

This photo makes me laugh more than it probably should,  haha
Perhaps one of the greatest struggles whilst trying to find yourself and sometimes we can feel as if we're being swept away by mainstream media and coaxed into becoming budget replicas of ig models. In what seems like a world of wannabe Kardashians, how can we avoid losing sight of our identities? Having a role model is good and it's important to have aspirations but idly following the crowd or going to extreme lengths in an attempt to be someone you're not can't be good for you.

Some people strive to be different, so different that they choose the quirkiest, edgiest outfits and haircuts just to stand out, and that's okay: it can be a form of retaliation for those angered or agitated by "mainstream" expectations and media : to be honest it's one of the safer forms of retaliation. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those who focus on blending in and not getting the attention of everyone else in the room. There are a lot of us who fall into trap of buying what everyone else is buying and listening to what everyone else is listening to.
You as a person are totally entitled to wear or do whatever you please (to some extent). You don't need to slip into the trap of short lived trends and trying to be like everyone else because it is "safe" so no one will have a reason to point you out for being "wrong" or for being different. You don't need to change yourself in anyway to fit in with any group of people.

I feel like being completely unique with what you wear and do is almost impossible due to the sheer number of people on this planet but being original is about being the truest version of yourself. To be original you don't have to stand out. You just gotta do you (which is easier said than done I'm well aware).

Here's just a few small things that have helped me find clothes that I love and show my personality:

Go shopping on your own. Just once. Ahhh it's amazing because you can pick up whatever you want without being judged. I found I buy completely different clothes when I go shopping with my friends compared to with my mum.

Shop around- if you know you love a shop then it's fair enough to stick with it but if you've been shopping in the same two shops for goodness knows how many years maybe you should have a look else where.

Charity shops/ Thrifting- difficult in my town and it's definitely easier in some places. It's a guarantee whatever you get is going to unique and, really, really cool.

Go shopping with someone new- as a little girl my mum bought all my clothes for me so automatically as I got older I went shopping with her BUT recently I've enjoyed shopping with my dad- he's surprisingly got good taste and gets my style.

Of course there is so much more to being 'original' than what you wear but your outward appearance is the first thing that people see of you and it's incredibly comforting and confidence boosting to be wearing something that you love.

Jade x

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