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5 Signs Your Friendship Isn't Meant to Be

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Friendship is a beautiful thing to have in your life and fall outs and breakups are inevitable. No doubt fall outs can be resolved and you can find your friendship back on track. What I will concentrate on in this blog post is to recognise the signs when your friendship is not a healthy one. In my 14 years of existence, I have attended 5 different schools and live in 3 different countries and I have made some beautiful friendships but I have also lost friends either due to me moving away or simply because I was not happy in that friendship. It is always sad when a friendship doesn't work but such is life. If the following is happening in your friendship then it is not right and you should reassess and definitely walk away from it if it is making you unhappy.

She/he is always mean: If your friend is regularly unkind to you; that is not a personality flaw that you have to tolerate. It is a sign that you should not be friends with that person because when someone is always mean to you it simply tells you that she/he doesn't respect you as a friend. Her/his actions and words can have a negative effect on you, like lowering your self esteem. Yes, nobody is perfect and we all sometimes utter unkind words which we regret later but if this is happening on a regular basis, everyday, then that person is just mean so I will say get out of this friendship. Life is too short to put up with mean people!

She/he never give you praise: When you do well in life, be it at school, in sports a good friend should always be happy for you. Success is even more rewarding when shared with the people you love and are close to. A friend who just brush you off and never offers sincere congratulations and show no sign of being happy for you is not worth hanging around with especially if you are always genuinely happy for her/him in all that she/he has achieved.

Not giving you space: In any friendship, even in the closest one, there should be time out. A lot of us have what we call "inseparable" friends and this kind of feelings must be mutual. The healthiest friendship where you are allowed space to grow and make new friends. If you are not allowed to be friends with other people and when you do, you feel like you are betraying your friend or she/he will not talk to you for doing so, then this is not a healthy friendship. If you are feeling pressured to stick with just that one friend but you do not want to, my guess is you are not in a happy situation.

Honesty: This is one of the most important components in a strong successful friendship. If you or your friend cannot be honest in your friendship/relationship then it is not a great friendship. It is never a nice feeling having your friends lie to you all the time.Of course this has to work two ways- you have to be able to tell your friend the truth too. If your friend is always hiding the truth from you she/he is not a good friend after all. What will hurt more is if you lie about a situation instead of explaining it. A friendship without honesty is doomed.

Fallout and Forgiveness. Close friends fallout and disagree too but the strength of your friendship is based on your ability to forgive and move on. If your friend cannot let go of a situation that happened between you and her/him and she/he is always bringing up old arguments, then your friend is not really a forgiving person. You will end up in an exhausting friendship where you are never moving forward because of one mistake. For a friendship to last we have to be able to forgive. Nobody is perfect so mistakes will be made and if your friend cannot accept that you are flawed then she/he is not much of a friend. Complete forgiveness is something you have to teach yourself

I sincerely hope that you all have beautiful friendship that is worth holding on to but if you are very unhappy due to any of the 5 points I've made, maybe you should re evaluate your friendship.

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