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A Look Back At 2016

Photo credit to Ellie
Although 2016 has been an arguably "rough" year it's been pretty good to me. Not only did I accomplish academic achievements but Frills & Lyrics recently celebrated its 2 year anniversairy!
It has been a challenging year but successful enough to satisfy me. School has pretty much taken up of all my time as I  have started GCSE course recently and I must say that I have enjoyed all the subjects I chose although the assessments have been endless. I'm happy with my academic progress this year and I've priotised my studies. In 2017 I feel like I need to focus more on my well-being and try and achieve a better balance between my school studies and spending time with my friends.

Dance has always been more of my kind of thing but, fortunately, this year one of my best friend dragged me to auditions for my school production of the Sound of Music. I was cast as Baroness Elsa Schraeder and I'm so proud of myself for that and I made friends that I never would've otherwise met.

Me as Baroness Schraeder
As promised last year, 2016 you were going to be the year I spent more time with family. During the summer, I spent 5 great weeks in Seychelles. Mahé will be my first and foremost home and we had a incredibly relaxing time and I got to eat loads of amazing food. See my summer reflection post here to find out more.

This is year I cemented new friendships as I hosted two exchange students. In February I hosted Cecelia on a Canadian exchange, unfortunately our trip to visit them has been delayed but I can't wait to go to Montreal soon. In December I had a great time with French exchange student Valentine. Both of the exchanges were such great fun and helped me grow as a person.

In spring my year group and I went on a residential team building trip. Let's just say we all got a lot closer than we intially intended!

2016 brought my 14th birthday and I met some lovely new people through putting myself out there. October was a great month for me and was a turning point although it was quite late in the year.

Not everything in the year was perfect but I choose not to waste time dwelling on the low moments. That's how I keep up my general positivity :)

I now welcome 2017 with renewed energy and hope. My New Years 'resolution'- to charge once a day. Charge my phone or electronics only once a day so that I don't spend too much time on it. Technology has dictated a large part of my 2016 and I don't want that to contain the new year.
2016 has allowed me to grow and change. I see change as positive as it is an opportunity for progression. It's been the year that I learn to cope with emotions better and I end the year as a generally positive person.

I hope 2017 will be a year to remember for all the right reasons! I worry about my career path and hopefully 2017 will bring direction in that area. I would like to grow my passions and discover my calling. I already have so many fun and interesting things planned for the year ahead. I already have two great opportunities for Frills & Lyrics and I'm hoping that my blog will grow and I want to dedicate more of myself into it so that every person who reads can know me through all my content.

To all my loyal followers and to you if you are new and just stopped by, have an amazing New year and may 2017 be your year to achieve your goals!

Love Jade

Congrats Ellie for being my only friend to get a picture on my blog ;)

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