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As much as a I hate to say it, summer is nearly over. After 5 weeks of attempting to spend my time productively (I failed miserably), I really am looking forward to get back into routine and feeling like I have a purpose. Although we all love the idea of summer it either turns us all into either couch potatoes or thrill seekers- instant adrenaline junkies who feel more tired at the end of summer than at the beginning."Summer is for relaxing", my fellow sofa bears will reluctantly agree that we take this statement to extremes and use as an excuse for just about anything, however I must admit that this only applies to me when on a ‘staycation’.

This year I’m slightly closer to achieving a balance between the two extreme behaviours of summer as I’ve been staying in the Seychelles for five weeks, hence the lack of WiFi and blog posts. I’ve been relying on a small amount of mobile data and only now can I access the internet on a laptop so I apologize for the lack of content. All of my time of social media has been devoted to my Instagram account- @frillsnlyrics- so check it out to see more of what I’ve been up to. If you were unaware Seychelles is the birthplace of my mum so this means that my holiday is full of visits to my mum’s friends- some of which I remember so clearly, others I honestly don’t recognise.

Carana Beach Hotel
Carana Beach Hotel
Eden Island
My favourite experiences so far include my amazing day at Carana Beach Hotel as it had such a relaxing atmosphere but I really wish I had taken part in the surfing lessons they have there. Also The Boardwalk Bar and Restaurant at Eden Island was another favourite and so I had to go back again. If you’ve seen the ice-cream pictures on my Instagram (@frillsnlyrics) I can now tell you that it was from Eden Island. For my Godmother’s birthday we went on a sunset cruise which was such a fun, memorable night that I am so grateful for. I cannot narrow it down to the best day as I also had a great time at The Coral Strand Hotel, Beau Vallon bay and all the beautiful moments with family and close friends whether it is baking a cake to birthday parties or even being hooked to video games!

If you are interested in visiting any of the Seychelles islands I highly recommend even though I frequently take my time here for granted as I see it as a second home. Any holiday in Seychelles is definitely going to be a memorable one as it is a place so rich with culture and full of opportunities to experience and try new things. Visit their tourism website here.

Although I’ve had a great time crave the freedom I have at home in England as I cannot go anywhere or do anything without the constant supervision of my parents. However, I expected that I’d be anchored to home as I’m in a foreign country and I don’t know anyone. My friends at home are as close to me as family and I feel guilty and as if I have missed some important events in their lives but I needed the escape.

I couldn’t do go away for so long every year because feel so cut off from everyone and everything but it was a refreshing break that I needed. September will bring the start of my new GCSE courses and undoubtedly drama and pressure so I’m going to carry on enjoying my last few days of blissful peace before the inevitable dash to the high street for back to school supplies and stress finish homework.

Enjoy the sun 

Jade x

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