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A day in my life

As a student I spend most of my time at school, doing homework for school, studying for exams at school or reading for school. School dictates my life and everything fits in around school other than my dance.

My usual Saturday consists of me lying in then eventually dragging myself out of my bed to face the day. I'd say I am a morning person, I don't particularly mind waking up early (for example today is a Sunday and I woke up at 7am) but I can't eat anything early in the morning otherwise I feel a bit... nausea. I'll wake up early but eat 3 hours later. Saturday morning is usually allocated for homework but this time I decided to head into town...

Just when the British weather seems to be looking up, I meet a surprisingly bright grey sky and a cool breeze in the middle of my town. My first stop is almost always for a coffee at Starbucks, I am fully aware that Starbucks is the most stereotypical place where teen girls waste their money on ridiculous drinks with horribly long names that barely contain any coffee however the staff are so lovely and the service is impeccable in my local Starbucks and it's almost always on my way.

Although the weather doesn't seem to realise, summer is fast approaching and in six weeks I'll be jetting off to Mahé, Seychelles for five weeks of relaxation and rejuvenation in the sun to get ready for the new academic year ahead. My mum joined me for my shopping trip today not only because she needed to buy things but also I needed someone to take photographs...

I spent three hours weaving in and out of hundreds of people and scouring every rack for simple summer essentials. My favourite purchase? A pair of espadrilles from Primark. It's very rare I shop at Primark during the winter but when we reach the warm months I'm usually looking for wear and tear pieces that I'll most likely leave abroad and will only wear for a matter of weeks before Autumn comes to spoil the fun. Primark is inexpensive and although the items aren't the greatest quality they're just what I'm looking for at this time of year.

When I get home I scrape my hair into a bun then I head off to the ballet class followed by modern jazz classes for about two hours.
After dance I head home and have a bath (leave a comment if you want to see a pamper routine) then join my family for Saturday night TV or the Euros whilst I eat dinner. This summer I'm going to try go pescetarian just to try and be healthier. I am consistently eating better food and I feel so much more fulfilled, happy and energetic so gone are the days of pizza nights and binge eating and I'm very glad about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading through a day in my life and I hope you could really get inside my head as all I want is for you to really get to know me.

Have a great week
Jade xx

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