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Valentine's Day

I'm sure all of you are aware that today is the day celebrating love, the day where we all hope to be visited by Cupid's arrows, the day where we all spoil our significant others. The 14th February is a day we all either dread or await eagerly and this year is not unlike any other.

Valentine's day for love birds can be seen as an amazing day to show your other half how much you love them and care for them, for instance it is one of the most popular dates to propose on? However pondered the question: "Why do we only have one day dedicated to showing our love?". I really feel that Valentine's Day can be a great idea but surely you should let your partner know how much you love them every day that you're with them even if you don't say it to their face? In a healthy relationship there will be arguments but if you are in love you will know and you shouldn't have to spoil your partner today because of the date, you should spoil them whenever- the spontaneity is what makes it special. It's not "I love you today", it should be "I love you always"...

For my fellow single Pringles, Valentine's day can be a day to show your friends that you love them. I was inspired by a few of my friends via Instagram who were just saying Happy Valentines to their friends who mean a lot to them. It is the day celebrating and we should love our friends!

If any of you nosey people would like to know what I did today, I stayed at home (in my pyjamas), online shopped, watched Gossip Girl reruns and texted friends...

I hope you all had/ are having an amazing day whatever you are doing.

Jade xx

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