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My dance show advice

As many of you know I am very fond of dancing, ballet, tap, street, modern- you name it, I've done it... I recently had a dance show so I thought I give you some advice for any of you who dance or are taking part in any upcoming performance.

Stretch, stretch, stretch!
I can not stress this enough! You have to stretch properly in order to perform your best- and no 10 star jumps doesn't count! Try using a Theraband if you don't own one already.

If you take part in more than one number and/or have quick changes organizing your costumes before hand makes things a lot easier. Hang everything each costume on a hanger, after your finished with them hang them neatly. It is the worst when you cannot find something and you're about to go on... Also have set of tights (etc.) designated for shows and examinations. For quick changes ask a friend who isn't doing it to help you out.

I have very thick, coarse, curly hair that won't stay down and looks at matte mess if I out hairspray on it so I always straighten or blowdry just the front 3rd of hair the night before and sleep with it in Bantu knots. I know most girls don't have hair like mine but I have a few tricks for thinner hair I've picked up. If your hair always falls out try flip your hair over and hairspray then drag it into a ponytail, this will the hair a little more texture but grip however don't over do it on the hairspray... For a really slick finished look, when your hair is in a ponytail use a thin tooth comb and pull the hair back whilst spraying it with a strong hold hairspray. Always put Bobby pins the right way round! There has a been a lot of debate and confusion on which way round Bobby pins go, so flat side up! Trust me it will stay in much longer.

Always drink lots of water and eat a healthy meal as well as plenty of snacks. If I'm going for a full day rehearsal I bring 2-3l of water and a big substantial lunch, things like wholemeal bread and pasta always give me lots of energy and I always have some sort of salad. Skip the crisps and energy drinks, instead try some carrot sticks.

Also make sure to bring medication if you need it!

Hope these were helpful and as I have my RAD and ISTD exams coming up I might show some of my exam tips. Comment any other suggestions you have.

Jade xx

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