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Winter Teen girl emergency kit

It has become a bit of a joke in my form, because I have such an extensive emergency kit. A girl needs to be prepared for all eventualities right?

How to achieve the perfect emergency kit?...

1. Get small cute bag that can hold everything needed for the kit. Another smaller bag is also good to hold your personal feminine items separately if you want.

2. Lip balm/lip gloss: you never know when you will need it! During the cold winter months you need to give some TLC to your lips.

3. Deodorant: Who wants to stink after gym class or after you have ran down the hallway after the last bell to go your locker and then catch your bus? You might want to freshen up. A small, travel sized antiperspirant is the best.

4. Lotion: Lotion is good when your hands begin to feel dry or after washing your hands. You could even add it on your face if you don't wear makeup.

5. Hand Sanitizer: Everywhere you go there is dirt and bacteria, from your bus to the science lab and sometimes you cannot go to the bathroom to wash your hands. If there isn't any soap in the bathroom this also can come in handy.

6. Mints/ chocolate: If you're breath isn't feeling fresh, just pop a mint in your mouth (e.g. the tuna sandwich incident... Fishy breath.) I like having dark chocolate with me to satisfy cravings and it is surprisingly helpful.

7. Pads/tampons: You might get your period unexpectedly. It is a good idea to keep some sanitary items in your kit, or even a separate bag for them. It might be a good idea to do this even if you haven't started - just in case!

8. Perfume/Body spray: Clean and fresh is good enough for most people but add perfume if you feel the need! However, Body spray is less in your face and a better option for school.

9. Tissues/ wipes: Everyone seems has a cold during winter so tissues are a must. Wipes are probably the thing I use most, often after PE for a freshen up.

10. Hair ties, hair pins:  For PE, Science or you just want to put your hair up!

11. Compact mirror: Some schools ban these but if they don't I suggest having one. If you wear makeup to school keep this nearby for touchups.

12. Hand warmers: Thes are not only great when you have cold hands but you can use them for pain relief.

13. Hairbrush/comb: Let’s face it, messy hair can be quite unsightly sometimes! A mini sized one would fit better in the bag.

14. Cutlery/ Salt and pepper: I'm starting to sound a bit silly but having plastic cutlery, salt and pepper sachets and sauce sachets is a really helpful thing to have. So next time you go for fast food grab a few extras...

Tips: If you are planning on using everything mentioned it's probably better to buy everything travel size or mini size - it will save you a lot of room! Carry everything in one small bag.

So, am I a bit over prepared?
Even if you don't have all of these things having a emergency kit is a good idea...

Have a great week!
Jade xxx

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  1. These are all such great ideas, and I will be adding some of these things to my backpack. :)


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