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Lessons learnt from 2015

After reading on of my favourite blog by Michelle Chai, I decided to write a similar post. I hope the lessons learnt in 2015 will make me do things differently this year and appreciate more the simple little things around me. 

2015 had been pretty good to me. It has been challenging but successful. School took  up pretty much of all my time, I am now in the phase where I have to start thinking about my GCSE options. Last year I was an inquisitive year 7 with many expectations of secondary, some of which were not fulfilled. The assessments has been endless, there has been tears too but now I realise I am only human and sometimes I let things get to me because of my need for perfection. As you all know by now that I take dance classes in ballet and modern and play the piano outside school, meaning I didn't have the social life I expected. However I recently had my Christmas dance show which was a great success. Unfortunately I don’t feel I made much progress in piano as it is something I find very challenging. Let’s just say on the musical front, things were not as good as I had hoped for. I was also elected the form captain which was a nice surprise and it shows that my classmates believe in me (either that or I think I'm very bossy!). 
With 2015 came more financial responsibilities, my mum finally gave me my debit card. Both my brother and I have an Osper account by MasterCard which is so much easier than taking cash out of my savings. Osper is a debit card for young people. My parents have the app on their phone so they can easily monitor our spending, turn our online shopping and allowance on and off.

So what are the lesson learnt? 

1. Academically, I am quite gifted so I need to stop worrying and seeking perfection all the time. I am tougher than I think I am and I can handle a lot of things. 

2. In 2015, I cemented new friendships and I went on school trips. The trips not only gave me more to see in other parts of the world but gave me opportunity to bond with my friends. 
3. There was tears in 2015, I learnt that people will hurt your feelings and sometimes think the worst of you but if you are able to forgive, then life after a fall out is not so bad! 

4. Handling money is not that hard. It made me realise how much my parents spend on me. I was given an allowance for my everyday things, clothes and treats. Well, the only things my parents took responsibility of was any fees associated with school, my food and what they consider as essential.(By the way a £30 dress at H&M is not an essential!) The rest it was up to me. This made me appreciate my parents’ trust more. 

5. I need to make more time for my friends and family. All of the friendships I've built mean a lot to me and I want to sustain them by spending more time with the people who care about me and less with those who are two-faced or make me feel bad about myself. 

6. Never let anybody dull your sparkle. I am like anyone, I have major insecurities and I will probably never get over them and as I am a self confessed perfectionist I will never be 100% happy with myself but I am happy. However 2015 was a step in the right direction to learning to suck it up, take risks and get on with my life. 

I now welcome 2016 with renewed energy. This year I would like to spend more quality time with my family. We have many new adventures to look forward to. My aunty from Australia and my cousin will be visiting this year, we already had friends from overseas spending time with us and we are going to see the rest of my family in Seychelles over summer. So this year is about family. It’s about me finding myself through my family and friends. Hopefully 2016 will be a year to remember for all the right reasons!
Have a Sparkling New year!

Much love


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