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Christmas prep so far...

Christmas is just around the corner and well... I haven't been the most organised! I promised to myself that I wouldn't open my advent calendar until I had bought everyone a present... Well that failed as I haven't bought half of what I want to buy and on top of that I have no money left, so.

This is probably the most disorganised I have ever been for Christmas and I am usually the first one to buy everything. I think I went a little out of my price range on the first present I bought. It wasn't on sale (and I usually only buy things on sale!) and I spent way to much... So Merry Christmas mum, I'm now broke thanks to you! If any of you haven't bought anything yet, please do calculate a budget before you spend money you don't have... For those of you who hate maths this probably sounds like extra homework but you not that thing you really want and having been saving up for, you might be able to buy it in the New Year if you do.

I don't really do the food shopping but  I parents have been super organised and bought most things already. This really surprised as we usual buy everything on Christmas Eve...

In terms of beauty prep for all those photos your dad wants to take, I have tried painting my nails with a red shimmery Orly nail polish. By 'tried' I mean it chipped really badly after a day. I'm really disappointed with the nail polish and expected more. Instead I'm going with my trusty OPI liquid sand. My face has broken out so badly so I haven't been using harsh soaps, instead I've been relying on my Witch blemish stick and it hasn't failed yet...

To finish off I would like to reassure you lazy sofa bears, no I haven't done my homework too!


  1. Once using the witch stick how long does it take for your spot to go down??? I mean I haven't use it for ages, it kinda works but mostly just feels like it's burning - although I have bought another one recently as it kinda seems that anything that stings or " burns " seems to actually work.

  2. Witch hazel works as an antibacterial and works best at eliminating spots as soon as they appear. If treated like this blemishes should go down within 2 days otherwise it will not alter the time you have the spot for, it will just prevent infection.Hope this helped, would you like to hear about my winter skincare regime?


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