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Honesty Hour

Honesty hour… Did you stick to your new year’s resolution for 2015? Do you even remember it?

 It’s fast approaching that time of year again, and for once I have plans. However I don’t think I have kept to my new year’s resolution for more than three months and to say the least, sometimes I make unrealistic and unmeaning resolutions. Don't we all sometimes? And I bet most of you do too ! You’re now probably wondering what my New Year’s resolution was (extra brownie points for anyone who remembers :) My resolution was to stop worrying so much and work on my blog… Well my blog is still here and so are you so I think I've achieved that one, but I failed massively on the other one because I still worry my head off about nearly every decision I make. I have tried, for example I got on a roller coaster! (That’s an achievement for me) but I’ll never be a care-free spirit. This year I decided to think about my resolution earlier to try and urge myself to do it.

I hope I've made you think and remember that resolution is still outstanding. I wish you a Happy Remembrance Sunday.


  1. You should do like a what you want for Christmas blog or like after Christmas what you got xx

    1. Thank you Hannah. Maybe I should have a regular Honest Hour that idea!


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