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DIY Tie dye tees...

"Not another Diy!" I here you say but trust me this is a lot easier than other diys in the Internet because there are no instructions!
I just got an old cotton vest and scoured my room for any thing I could use...
Enter Jade's box of Secrets...My dad and my brother made this for me a few years ago, It's not really full of secrets but I like to keep bits and bobs in there.

As well as a pair of scissors and my dyed t-shirt here's a few things I had a play with...

Spare buttons, old eye mask elastic


Old twine

Bits of embroidery thread

Some odd beads

I found some fabric dye which I added to a little water and salt. I followed a youtube tutorial and how to do my specific tie dye. You can even knot the shirt or you can use a fork to swirl the fabric from the centre then tie nice and tightly with elastic bands (such as the one used in the title picture) then coat both sides evenly the die colours of your choice you can leave it to dry in a plastic bag or I tied it in a piece of old clothes and put it in the tumble dryer for 40 minutes. I created two t shirts, one for myself and one for my friend, each unique. I made a nice halter neck which I'm currently finishing the buttons and the hem and a cropped cami with fringed ends myself with the swirl tie dye design. As soon as these are complete I will update this post with pictures on and off a model.
The most important thing is to never make two t-shirts the same so you always stay inspired and be daring...

Have a great week

Jade xxx

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