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Happy, healthy nails!

Happy Sunday everybody!
My nails are often complimented as they are always strong and long, I am also asked if they are even real! My nails naturally grow quickly and are incredibly thick (and very tricky to cut!) If your nails don't grow and are very weak it is most probably a lack of iron, zinc or vitamin B-12. Healthy nails really depend on your diet.
  • Iron- can be found in leafy vegetables and red meat to get rid of your brittle nails.
 Although I'm not a fan of meat I love vegetables, so eat your greens!!
  • Zinc- If you have white spots on your nails this is definitely a sign of lack of zinc.                                                                                   
I have personally struggled with these 'white spots' and they are not nice but foods like nuts and dark chocolate are full of zinc.
  • B-12- if your nails are weak and/or dark this may be the reason.
Foods such as cheese and eggs contain B-12 and they also contain lots of protein so can also help with those brittle nails.

Moisturizusing your hands and nails is also very important for healthy nails, I am currently using a Scottish Fine Soaps hand cream but I found Palmer's Cocoa butter is the best.
Making sure you drink lots of water is very important for over all health so if none of these tips are working try drinking a lot more. This is something I am still trying to achieve as my New Year's resolution (I'm kind of failing!).

As I'm on holiday I will be up to some cute nail art, my best tip is to keep it quite minimal. What are your nail tips?

Have a great week,
Jade xxx

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