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Life in the Blogosphere - Part 1

For ages I wanted to start a blog and have my own little space to be devoted to but my mum said I was too young to join the "blogosphere", she promised that when I turn twelve she will allow me to do so. Last October I turned 12 and in December I started my little blog. During the half term I spent a few hours trying to personalise my little digital space. I think it came out great! It is not 100% how I want it to be but it is close.

So why do I want to blog? 
I love writing and I felt I really needed something to work hard on, I always need a goal and something to strive for in life so I don't drive myself insane! I would also love to be a fashion writer or some sort of writer when I am older. I love fashion, reading and music and my blog is my little place to share that.

Was it hard to set up my blog?
Not really, I asked my mum which platform to use and she told me blogger is perfect for beginners as Wordpress is a little bit more complicated. I just logged on to blogger and a played around a bit until I was confident enough to put "Frills and Lyrics" together. I am proud to say that since that morning of messing about on blogger, I am now very much at ease using it and making any changes to my blog. If you can read and have a computer/laptop or even a mobile device you can easily start a blog! A camera is also handy and it does not have to be an expensive one.

What is it like being in the blogosphere?
It is actually a fun way to share thoughts and get feedback. And if you want, you can choose to be completely anonymous on your blog! You always find people with the same taste as you. It is certainly a bit weird when you check your audience sources and you see that people from different countries are actually reading your blog. My readers are from United Kingdom, Seychelles,United States, Australia,Canada, Malaysia,France, Italy, Sweden,South Africa to name a few. How cool is that?

Am I scared of the horrors of being on the internet?
I am fortunate that my mum has a Masters in Communications and Media Studies which means she knows how to make sure that I am safe online . No one is a able to contact me directly. For example all e-mails or any other form of contacts to my blog go via my mum's e-mail address first. She moderate the comments and I guess if someone posts unkind things that might upset me she will not allow for it to be published on my blog. Although all the contents are mine, my mum always moderate what I write so I am not allowed to post anything unless I have shown it to her.  I reply to all the comment myself once my mum has allowed it on the blog. So far people has been really supportive. If you use the internet safely it is quite fun.

I hope you've enjoy reading about my experience in the "blogosphere" so far and if you have, make sure you come back for part deux next week!I am happy to answer any question so please do get in touch if you want.

Have a lovely week. Much love Jade xxx

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