Reinventing My Space

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I am quite late with my new year greetings this year, the blog took a back seat for a while whilst I dealt with school, exams, dance shows and thinking about the future. The blog is back online now with a new layout, a minimal and less cluttered look. I hope you will enjoy the change.

For the past few months I've been redecorating my room ( a slow process but getting there!) because I felt really unhappy in that space and I spend a huge amount of time there. I have grown up a lot since we moved to our house almost 5 years ago. In the huge amount of reflection time I've had recently, I decided I want to surround myself with art and things that make me feel  really happy .

My blog is another space that didn't really feel like me anymore and recently, I've been reflecting a lot on it. I started Frills & Lyrics at age 12 and BLIMEY have I changed since then! I've just turned fifteen and I've changed immensely: but my blog hasn't change much. I think at 12 I wanted to be a blogger kind of for the sake of being 'a blogger' (that and I've always had a lot to say). I still have so much to say and I'm going to say it because my audience is my age group and at this point, all I want is honesty and advice and I feel like other people my age do to. So, on my journey of trying to get myself together I'm going to share with you what I find out and hopefully it'll help. My thoughts about life, growing up and my future have consumed a lot of my focus lately so I might as well talk about them rather than bottle it. 

So here's to Frills & Lyrics 2.0, give it a year and we'll probably be looking at 3.0! But that's okay because I'm going change. I'm going to try to welcome that change because change is good.

Jade xxx

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