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Recently I have been thinking a lot about my future, looking at university courses requirement so that I can have an idea of which A level subjects to pick. Well, it might sound a bit premature thinking about all of this considering I  am still half way through my GCSE courses. Time goes by so quickly- just over three years ago I was starting secondary school. Currently I'm doing mocks and having to decide what to study after my GCSE. I like planning ahead, so that's why I have been busy making plans for the future and discussing it with my parents. I have also approached older girls at my school and clubs and chatted about the courses they are doing, be it in 6th Form or university. I truly believe in order to make things happen you have to have a vision and you need to share that vision.

1.You have to identify your dream and be able to visualise how you want it to be. My mum often tells me that if you don't have a vision, it will never happen. You do not need to have one right now but you will have to at certain point in your life.

2.Be brutally honest about where you are now, for example, if you are really bad at Maths and you want to be a Mathematician, you'll find it a somewhat challenging career choice... Be realistic.

3. Write your vision down and approach it with the right attitude. Research what you have to do to get there. Decide what behaviours and habits you'll need to make your dream come true, and write them down. If you have a goal, you have to change your attitude and develop the habits that are going to get you there.

4.Tell others about your dream and don't hold back. Telling others about your goal keeps you motivated and committed. Sometimes talking about it can lead to connections, where someone might know somebody else with the same interest or doing similar things you want to do.

 5. And  finally, find yourself a mentor, someone with similar interest, older or wiser than you who can guide you and listen to you. No one achieve their dream alone.

I hope you find this post helpful and remember; Anyone can dream a dream, but to make it happen  requires commitment, perseverance, and sacrifice.  Without an action plan and motivation you are setting up yourself to fail...Now go and own that dream!

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