Spring is finally here!

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In England we are starting to see the beginning of spring. It is still on the cold side most of the time even though it's early May. I thought it was about time for an outfit post so I grasped the opportunity to show you this gorgeous dress from H&M I bought.

This dress has caused me to fall in love with 70s' bell sleeves all over again as they look very flattering. The dress is a beautiful off-white/cream shade and is great for spring as the material is not too heavy but is long sleeved. I love the details of of the dress and the cut. I wore this dress with black tights and my heeled boots as it's still a little on the cold side but I can't wait to wear it with sandals.

I have such a bad obsession for white dresses and lace that I'm convinced I'm related to a doily! I really hoped I like it (as I spent an hour in the cold...) ;)


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