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I was probably the last girl on earth to read the first Geek Girl book, but I have nonetheless fallen under its spell! These hilarious books by Holly Smale are one of the best series I've ever read(and trust me I've read a lot!)
The books are about teen model Harriet Manners who is spotted at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, you instantly fall in love with Harriet's funny character!
Holly Smale was spotted by a top modelling agency at 15 (much like Harriet) and spent the next 2 years of her life falling over on catwalks! The books are filled with honesty and wit that any girl can relate to in some way.
Currently only three books are out of the 6 novels but 2 come out on 26th February including her world book day title 'Geek Drama'. I will definitely be pre-ordering
Here is a link to all her titles, translated versions are available:
Geek Girl series

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